Thursday, December 29, 2005


In a fit of usefulness, I managed to start sewing the quilt top blocks together last night. The blocks get sewn into seven rows and then the rows get sewn together. I have three rows sewn together into one cohesive unit. And, even though I am biased, I think it looks pretty darn good. Oh I know there are flaws in it. It’s certainly not perfect. But I like the way it looks. I took pictures but haven’t downloaded them. Eventually I’ll post some.

So. I have 19 more seams to sew. Then I can get started on the border. The border is made up of stripes, which I don’t expect to be a big deal, and four blocks that are different from the blocks in the middle of the top but use the same fabrics. I hope those blocks don’t take long. I suspect though that they are going to be a little bit of a hassle.

In other news, when you hear people say not to use water to put a contact lens in, listen. It’s not good mojo. This morning my contact lens was bothering me and I went to the restroom to remove it and put it back in. I didn’t have any solution so I used water. It seemed like the lens lost its shape. I kept putting it on my finger to stick it back in my eye and thinking it was upside down. Eventually I figured it was my imagination, then stuck it back in. Two points:

1) This was extremely painful
2) The lens immediately traveled off my iris into unknown regions.

After about half an hour of trying to fish it out while feeling like I had a giant needle jabbing me in the eye and not being able to see, I called the eye doctor. So I wasted two whole hours of comp time getting my contact taken out by a professional and going to get my glasses so I could come back to work and be productive. That’s dedication.


  1. This is worse: I had a temporary lense break apart in my eye! I was new to the idea of lenses and made the rookie mistake of rubbing my eyes. The lense tore in my eye into three peices. I was in a collge computer class at the time. I didn't get my assignment done because I was in the bathroom fishing for peices. Gross. Plus I had to drive home with only one eye - very safe.

  2. Ok, here's what you do. Buy yourself a small container of contact solution and keep it in your cube. Then when things like that happen, you are prepared. And don't be like me, where I bought the bottle and never brought it in. Then I have to go bum some off others when I have a contact issue.