Friday, June 30, 2006

Super Day

Today is the day that The Husband will be taken by surprise. I am pretty sure he never reads my blog. (All that quilt talk, blah blah blah.) So I can safely say that tonight my parents are coming to watch The Kiddies so we can go see Superman. He is quite excited by the release of the movie and has been hinting that I should get a sitter so we can go see it. I guess I should find out where it is playing!

On a sad note, a coworker that has been a good technical mentor for me (I told him he is my "work dad," which is probably extremely unprofessional of me to say, but he does remind me of my dad) will be leaving the company. Happy Trails, Work Dad.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Today I got an email from one of the quilt shop ladies. It seems that a fellow customer that I did not know passed away the other day. She was only 45 and died after an apparently long battle with cancer. This I guess strikes a cord for me because it would be my worst nightmare to have my children living the script of Terms of Endearment. (Please note that The Husband is NOT a deadbeat and would never ever give up custody of our children as the jerk in that movie did.) So. I have been thinking about it all morning. I did not know this woman but I am sending my heartfelt prayers to her family, who must be suffering immensely.

It has been sort of a melancholy week so far. A friend of mine also lost a close relative and I've been thinking of her often, too. Sometimes it is hard to remember the things you have been blessed with.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Books! Books!! Books!!!

So I was listening to one of the podcasts from Annie Smith and she mentioned several times a book called "Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!". She was speaking to one of the authors in the first podcast from set #5. Anyway, I got to thinking. Who couldn't use an inspirational book? Annie referred to it as "the definitive" quilting book so of course I had to have a copy. I found one super-cheap (cheaper than Amazon, yeeha!) on eBay so I bought it. Oh, and also another book by the same author called "Quilts Galore". It was dirt cheap as well, even including shipping.

I meant to mention yesterday that I did enjoy the new quilt magazine. I should have specified that it seemed like a one-man show because most of the articles were written by the editor. Does anyone know how or if you can subscribe to it? The magazine had tons of those dumb subscription flaps for other magazines, but not the actual magazine. Huh. Curious.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Deadline: officially missed

Well, The Girl's quilt is officially not done. Her birthday came and went over the weekend and in spite of a final flurry of quilting (which I knew would not get me anywhere) I didn't finish. However I did show it to my grandmother who is a long-time quilter (she doesn't do it much anymore, she has bad arthritis) and she admired it. Maybe she was just being polite. But it was nice to hear her say it is lovely.

Also, in other quiltie news...I found a new quilt magazine called Quilter's Home. It has an interesting start, I think. It is edited by a man, which I think is probably unusual but it has the curious property of seeming a bit like a one man show. But he had a few lovely quilt patterns in it that I liked, both inspired by Vera Wang designs. So, my project wish list continues to swell without bounds.

Oh, and he also recommended the Simple Arts blog. What is really cool about it she has podcasts available on her site for free that discuss various aspects of quilting. I'm starting at the beginning and listening to all of them. I know. Nerd-dom is my king-dom.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tent talk

The tent is supposedly big enough for seven people. I'm not too up on the architecture of tents but I think it is a dome tent. It is just one big room. The Husband says we cannot venture into it until we have mattresses to sleep on. Which does seem like a good idea, since I am pretty sure I'll have a tough enougn time sleeping outside while trying to make sure the fidgets aren't escaping without worrying about rocks jabbing me in the butt and neck.

Ta da!

Yes folks, the impossible has happened. I FINISHED a square on The Girl's quilt! Will wonders never cease? And I'm more than half finished with the next square. Awesome.