Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Books! Books!! Books!!!

So I was listening to one of the podcasts from Annie Smith and she mentioned several times a book called "Quilts! Quilts!! Quilts!!!". She was speaking to one of the authors in the first podcast from set #5. Anyway, I got to thinking. Who couldn't use an inspirational book? Annie referred to it as "the definitive" quilting book so of course I had to have a copy. I found one super-cheap (cheaper than Amazon, yeeha!) on eBay so I bought it. Oh, and also another book by the same author called "Quilts Galore". It was dirt cheap as well, even including shipping.

I meant to mention yesterday that I did enjoy the new quilt magazine. I should have specified that it seemed like a one-man show because most of the articles were written by the editor. Does anyone know how or if you can subscribe to it? The magazine had tons of those dumb subscription flaps for other magazines, but not the actual magazine. Huh. Curious.


  1. Well there goes that idea for a belated birthday present for you. ;)

  2. You weren't planning to get me one of those books, were you??

  3. Well, when you started to say you found books you wanted, the thought crossed my mind. Then I read farther, to the part where you said you bought the books. ;)