Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quilt Discussion

I was reading LittleShika's blog and she wanted to open up some quilting discussion. She posted a question and asked that people answer it on their blogs and link the answers in her comments. Since I haven't posted in awhile I jumped on it. This is the current question:
if you had to pick, what would be your favorite colors(combinations)/style of fabrics?

This is a tough one. I really don't have a favorite color. If I had to choose one I dislike, it would easily be orange. But that's not to say I wouldn't work with it if I thought it was adding something that no other color could add.

Really my favorite combination is simply a two-color quilt. I love 'em. For whatever reason they scream homey happy quilt for me more than other multiples of colors. I'm not sure why. My first (completed) quilt was a blue and white quilt. I am looking forward to someday doing a red and white quilt. I saw a pic on someone's blog the other day...I don't remember who it was, sorry...that had an absolutely awesome blue and white quilt with a pieced center and beautiful swaggy appliqued borders. Loved it! I wish I could remember where I saw it. They used a particularly dark and denimy-looking (I'm sure it wasn't actual denim) color and to me it would have been hard to get that stunning look with multiple colors.

I don't have a particular style of fabric that I favor. I do like Amy Butler-esque type stuff but I've never really figured out how to successfully incorporate them into a quilt. I suppose I could generalize and say most things that look vintage are attractive to me. But there are some periods that are not - I generally tend not to like civil war fabrics because they look dark and gloomy to me, even when the fabric is a light color. I like most 20's and 30's fabric...but only if it's not too cutesy.

And how do you feel?

Addendum: I found it! The quilt was on Georgina's blog, about 2/3 down on this post.