Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Quilt Discussion

I was reading LittleShika's blog and she wanted to open up some quilting discussion. She posted a question and asked that people answer it on their blogs and link the answers in her comments. Since I haven't posted in awhile I jumped on it. This is the current question:
if you had to pick, what would be your favorite colors(combinations)/style of fabrics?

This is a tough one. I really don't have a favorite color. If I had to choose one I dislike, it would easily be orange. But that's not to say I wouldn't work with it if I thought it was adding something that no other color could add.

Really my favorite combination is simply a two-color quilt. I love 'em. For whatever reason they scream homey happy quilt for me more than other multiples of colors. I'm not sure why. My first (completed) quilt was a blue and white quilt. I am looking forward to someday doing a red and white quilt. I saw a pic on someone's blog the other day...I don't remember who it was, sorry...that had an absolutely awesome blue and white quilt with a pieced center and beautiful swaggy appliqued borders. Loved it! I wish I could remember where I saw it. They used a particularly dark and denimy-looking (I'm sure it wasn't actual denim) color and to me it would have been hard to get that stunning look with multiple colors.

I don't have a particular style of fabric that I favor. I do like Amy Butler-esque type stuff but I've never really figured out how to successfully incorporate them into a quilt. I suppose I could generalize and say most things that look vintage are attractive to me. But there are some periods that are not - I generally tend not to like civil war fabrics because they look dark and gloomy to me, even when the fabric is a light color. I like most 20's and 30's fabric...but only if it's not too cutesy.

And how do you feel?

Addendum: I found it! The quilt was on Georgina's blog, about 2/3 down on this post.


  1. Hmm.. it was along time before I got any orange in my stash.. now I like it, especially when combined with green or pink. thanks for playing~

  2. Heh...I generally hate orange. But I find it incredibly ironic that you brought up orange tonight, because the scrapbook layout I completed this evening....has an orange background and is designed to look like a quilt! I send you a pic over the weekend.

    You know I don't know how to sew. But I have to agree with you, I tend to lean more towards quilts with few colors. I loved the blue and white quilt you made. White wouldn't fly in my house, because of all the pets. So I'd be leaning more towards black and some other color. Neon blue or something. If I was 16 again, it'd be black and red. (Because EVERYTHING had to be black and red for me then.)

    Now...if I were going to buy a quilt (since I can't make them)....or talk someone into making me one (that is only a hint if you want it to be)....then I'd be looking for fabric that doesn't scream OLD and COUNTRY to me. Which really, is the antithesis of quilts, right? Quilt = Country?

  3. Most people tend toward toward certain colors - while you hate orange I can't imagine a quilt without orange or yellow in it - I tend more toward greens, blues, turquoise, purples with my orange, fushia, and yellows thrown in to brighten things up,while I don't even look at browns, tans or reds. I love scrap quilts where none of my blocks have the same material in it -

    I hand piece my quilts, finding that they travel well to doctor offices, listening to lectures, and in general just something to keep my hands busy.

    As for two color quilts, I love them but everytime I think about making one it turns into a scrappy creation - like my blue and white star quilt - each star is a different blue with white on white star material set on point with yellow blocks between - Thats about as two color as I can get -

  4. I pretty much like most all colors and fabrics at one time or another. Guess I'm just open minded about it all. And Hi from a neighbor (I'd say both of us living in Ohio makes us neighbors, right?)