Monday, February 09, 2009

Losing my cool...if I ever had it

I just came from a quilt guild meeting, where all the youngish (by quilting standards I think we're young) ladies were talking about the Twilight book series. Ok, am I that far off the cool map?! What the heck. I'd actually never heard of the books until the movie came out. Which, I did not see because for crying out loud I have kids and if I'm going to go see a movie with a theatre full of 'tweens and pubescents it will be because I have my kids with me and not because I'm on a date with The Husband. Seriously - the last "grown up" movie I saw in a theatre was the Indiana Jones movie. Not that IJ actually qualifies as grown up. What can I say? Harrison is hot.

Though I did take The Boy to see Hotel for Dogs and it was passable entertainment. I mean, it did make me cry what with the lovable dogs without homes theme being closely mirrored by the lovable orphans without a home theme. And The Boy had some seat bouncing moments so you know he liked it. But...back to my unhipness.

And here's another thing: what on earth is a Shamwow? I've suddenly heard this product mentioned half a dozen times. I must be living under a rock. Can someone lift it up, please?


  1. Ok, I'm with you on the Twilight books. I didn't know there were books called Twlight until the movie came out.

    Shamwow...that's a super absorbant towel thing that is hocked at....I've seen it at shows at the IX Center, at the County Fair, and now on TV. That said, do I have one? Uh no. The guy on the comercial scares me.

  2. Well, in regards to the Twilight movie, I wouldn't call it adult entertainment! Far from it! I feel like I'm actually reading the series just to be a part of things... some days I hate the book, some days I can't wait to see what happens next. You just have to know... it's not on the top 100 books of all time... that said, I've probably enjoyed the camaraderie the books have brought over the writing style. AND I listen to the on CD in the car... so I'm not really wasting any valuable "life" time! So, yeah... none of that answers... where have you been to have NOT noticed??? :)

  3. Hmmm I'm 24 and had no interest in Twilight and have no idea what a Shamwow is....maybe I live under a rock too...Don't feel old just feel "too cool for popular culture's trends"...they'll pass anyway!

  4. Well, you've gotten your shamwow answer. (The hawker, is the new "Ronco" IMHO - he is now hawking a chopper thingy too.)

    Twilight - I've seen t-shirts about it, but they did not pique my interest, so I have no clue beyond that about the books/movies/allure/etc.

  5. I happen to love the Twiligh series, but then again, I am an avid reader that reads just about anything, but I did not see the movie! And isn't it cool that we both know Noelle?? How wild!!

  6. You have lost your cool!! J/K! Zegi, I'll forgive you for not knowing. If it wasn't for my co-workers, I wouldn't have known either. I'd never heard of it until the movie came out. That's the way they push those things. Did you know Marley and Me was a book too? Haven't read that one either.