Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 goals

I hope you had a wonderful new year! The Husband and I spent it like always, at home eating junky snacks and watching old movies. This year we rented 'All the King's Men'. I had the book out of the library some time ago but couldn't remember how it ended. I think I probably just didn't read the end, 'cause I would have remembered that goofy last line.

So, I'll start with last year's goals.

  • Exercising no less than 3 times per week - erm, nope. When I was exercising I did stick to 3 times per week. But there were times of the year that I didn't exercise at all.
  • Only visiting the snack machine 1 time per week at work (I have to give myself something, otherwise I'd go bonkers and start snarfing everything in sight.) - another no. My buddy the snack machine should be much more resistable this year though because I am on an allowance, and I really don't want to spend money on that.
  • Watching my portions (which is vague, but really what I mean is being careful to eat a single serving.) - I suppose I probably did this fairly well, though not always.
  • Finish binding The Girl's quilt - done!
  • Baste, quilt & bind The Boy's quilt - no
  • Finish at least 10 of the hand-pieced blocks for the sunburst quilt - finshed 6

So I didn't do too hot last year. I'll have to try harder this year. Though I did accomplish some things not on the list:

  • A winter coat for The Girl
  • A winter coat for The Boy
  • A batgirl costume
  • A clone trooper costume
  • 20 tea wallets
  • umm, that's all I can think of.

2009 goals (notice these aren't resolutions!!)

  • Get into better shape. I'd like my belly and thighs to reduce in circumference and gelatinous appearance, especially.
  • Round robin top with guild 1
  • Crayon challenge quilt with guild 2
  • 6 more sunburst blocks
  • finish (urm, and start!) my own dang coat
  • Sandwich, baste, and quilt The Boy's quilt

I know to prolific quilters this sounds pretty pathetic. But I take what little quilting time I can get and hope to get somewhere with it.

I also have a number of financial goals:

  • Fully "fund" our emergency savings account. It is currently half of what I want it to be.
  • Save for our next house - I want a full 20% down payment for that sucker.
  • Save for The Husband's next car
  • Make at least one extra payment on the house this year (my long term goal is to have the house-no matter if we move or not-paid in full when The Boy trips off to college in 2020. If he goes. No pressure, son.)
  • Not decrease 401k contributions even though I've taken a pay cut for 2009

So, wish me a sweet ride! I hope I can do better than 2008. Happy New Year to you, and may your goals resolve themselves.