Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Well the quilt has made little progress. I've been working on the same square for who knows how long. I am not enjoying all those checkerboards. I thought they would go quick but they really aren't.

So, to move to something that I can make progress on...I started working on a little sundress for The Girl. I found a cheap-o pattern at Wal-mart (which I normally do not shop at; I was there purely for the convenience of location, and it wasn't all that convenient because I couldn't find anything, which is how I ended up in the craft area to begin with) and I'll be using the scraps left over from my sister's table cloth. I did have to buy a few more things to round out the supply list but I should be set now for at least this dress, and possibly a short outfit as well.

And we bought a tent. Yup, the clan is thinking of going camping. This will be terrific no matter what we do. It will either be a terrifically horrifying train wreck of an idea or we'll have a terrific blast. I'm hoping for the blast. We're thinking of pitching it in the backyard for a trial run before we go anywhere with it. We're particularly concerned about The Girl since she hasn't slept away from home all that much. So, cross your fingers for some good weather this weekend!

Monday, May 15, 2006

Sweater news

Guess what! I finished the sweater. Ok, so I was finishing up sewing it together on the car ride to my moms, but it was done in time to give it as a mother's day gift. Woo hoo! And it actually looks like a sweater and everything. Sorry, no photos. But a great accomplishment. Now I'd like to make one for myself. But I'll take a break from knitting so I can make at least minor progress on The Girl's quilt.

The Girl btw is having gastrointestinal difficulties today. My poor baby.

Oh! And Survivor! I cannot believe Aras won, that jerk. Yoga instructor, my butt. Anyone who is any good at yoga would have been able to stand on those floating platforms until the cows came home. This just proves to me that he is an insensitive jock with little to recommend him, especially since he is mooching off his father without a job. Hey a-hole, McD's is always hiring. Get over yourself and apply.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sweater update

I think I'm about a third to half way through the sweater...making good progress!!!