Monday, February 09, 2009

Losing my cool...if I ever had it

I just came from a quilt guild meeting, where all the youngish (by quilting standards I think we're young) ladies were talking about the Twilight book series. Ok, am I that far off the cool map?! What the heck. I'd actually never heard of the books until the movie came out. Which, I did not see because for crying out loud I have kids and if I'm going to go see a movie with a theatre full of 'tweens and pubescents it will be because I have my kids with me and not because I'm on a date with The Husband. Seriously - the last "grown up" movie I saw in a theatre was the Indiana Jones movie. Not that IJ actually qualifies as grown up. What can I say? Harrison is hot.

Though I did take The Boy to see Hotel for Dogs and it was passable entertainment. I mean, it did make me cry what with the lovable dogs without homes theme being closely mirrored by the lovable orphans without a home theme. And The Boy had some seat bouncing moments so you know he liked it. But...back to my unhipness.

And here's another thing: what on earth is a Shamwow? I've suddenly heard this product mentioned half a dozen times. I must be living under a rock. Can someone lift it up, please?