Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Insane quilting update #4

The top is finished!!!! Woohoo!

I hope tonight to get a picture up. I started on the border and I don't think it will be as horrific as I expected.

Also I sent in my registration form. I named the quilt "Blisswork." What do you think?

Monday, August 28, 2006

Insane quilting update #3

Ok. The deadlines need to be adjusted. I know, I know, there is a danger that I won't make it. But I just have to.

To answer Chalicat, I won't be machine quilting it. I don't trust myself to try a new technique with my trusty but wonky sewing machine when I'll be turning it in for inspection. Instead I'll be hand quilting it. Because it is so small (less than 3 x 4 feet) it should not be a huge huge undertaking.

Huh. It sounds almost like I don't know for whom the bell tolls.

New deadlines:

8/28 - all 12 blocks complete
8/29 - all blocks assembled into top
8/30 - begin border pieces
9/1 - attach border
9/1 - basting
9/2 - begin quilting
9/17 - turn-in date

Oh. My. Gosh.

You will not BELIEVE what happened today. I downloaded Annie Smith's new podcast (#62) and guess who she quoted on the show.

That's right, ME!

Right around 4 and a half minutes in, she actually says my first name, then reads an email from me out loud. Holy Cow!

I am star struck. I heard it at work and I almost started screaming like a little girl. This must be what it was like to see The Beatles as a teenager...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Insane goal update #2

I'm making steady progress! I've made all of the triangles that make up each half of the four x-shaped squares in each block. Now I'll need to press them and match up the triangles into the actual square. I've also begun setting out the matched pieces for the corner diagonals. I hope to finish matching those up tonight and start sewing those.

So. Providing I have some good solid sewing time this weekend, I think I am on track to at least be assembling the block pieces into a block.

The insane goal list:
8/26 - all 12 blocks complete
8/27 - all blocks assembled into top
8/28 - begin border pieces
8/31 - attach border
9/1 - basting
9/2 - begin quilting
9/17 - turn-in date

We'll see how it goes.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Here is a really rough drawing of my block pattern:

Insane goal update #1

This weekend I successfully bought and cut all of the fabric. I didn't cut the borders or binding yet, but that will come. My current goal is to finish the top by September 1st. If it isn't done then I can safely assume there is no way it will be done in time to turn it in. Also September 1st is the entry form deadline.

This morning I started sewing some of the triangles together. I finished 8 pieces before having to get up from the machine and dress The Girl for the day.

Here is a rough drawing of my design. This is just one block. This isn't my color scheme.

BTW I will take this opportunity to state this design is copyrighted to me, Zegi Quilt Bug!

Oops, I was unable to load my block picture. I'll try again later :(

Saturday, August 19, 2006


The crazy quilter train is about to leave the station. I went to the quilt guild meeting (which for Chalicat's benefit, is basically a club of people who are all interested in quilting) and found it to be AWESOME. They have a president with goals and lots of nice members.

Admittedly when I arrived I didn't know what to do and I spotted a woman who goes to quilt nights at the quilt shop. I approached her and said hello, you go to the quilt shop, right? And she said yes, I'm Karen. I introduced myself and told her it was my first time and she showed me around and let me sit by her and her friends and it was very lovely. At quilt night she's been pleasant but I don't recall speaking to her about anything in particular.

So I showed them The Boy's baby quilt, and I got some suggestions for fixing it (I just zig-zagged some fabric onto a background fabric and after The Boy spit up on it, I had to wash it. That frayed the edges).

Also I joined the guild. I'm a geek at heart.

The big thing? They are hosting a quilt show at the end of September. I've decided I want to make an entry. I realize this is a hysterically difficult goal to reach. But I drew out the design yesterday and figured out the fabric lengths and everything, and I think I'm going to do it. It's only about 2.75 feet by 3.5 feet. So it won't be huge. It will be a challenge. But I think I'm up for it. I already bought the fabric this afternoon so maybe I can start on it this evening. WooWoo! chugga chugga chugga...

Sunday, August 13, 2006

And another thing...

And I almost forgot. I finally came across the second issue of Quilter's Home magazine at the grocery store. Still no subscription info! This is starting to sting. The newstand price is $5.99! I'm going to have to give up on it if next month doesn't bring some relief...

quilt fix

This month I missed the quilt group meeting because it landed smack in the middle of The Husband's mom's birthday. This is an event not to be missed of course, and so I haven't had a quilting fix this month. I find myself looking for other outlets (besides the purchases on eBay, I mean...and I should report that I bought a walking foot and a darning foot recently on that most evil of portals) and so I am thinking of joining a quilt guild. They meet this Thursday at 7. I have to admit to being nervous. Am I going to be the group hack? Will they be nice? Will I be able find a parking spot???