Monday, August 21, 2006

Insane goal update #1

This weekend I successfully bought and cut all of the fabric. I didn't cut the borders or binding yet, but that will come. My current goal is to finish the top by September 1st. If it isn't done then I can safely assume there is no way it will be done in time to turn it in. Also September 1st is the entry form deadline.

This morning I started sewing some of the triangles together. I finished 8 pieces before having to get up from the machine and dress The Girl for the day.

Here is a rough drawing of my design. This is just one block. This isn't my color scheme.

BTW I will take this opportunity to state this design is copyrighted to me, Zegi Quilt Bug!

Oops, I was unable to load my block picture. I'll try again later :(

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