Monday, August 28, 2006

Insane quilting update #3

Ok. The deadlines need to be adjusted. I know, I know, there is a danger that I won't make it. But I just have to.

To answer Chalicat, I won't be machine quilting it. I don't trust myself to try a new technique with my trusty but wonky sewing machine when I'll be turning it in for inspection. Instead I'll be hand quilting it. Because it is so small (less than 3 x 4 feet) it should not be a huge huge undertaking.

Huh. It sounds almost like I don't know for whom the bell tolls.

New deadlines:

8/28 - all 12 blocks complete
8/29 - all blocks assembled into top
8/30 - begin border pieces
9/1 - attach border
9/1 - basting
9/2 - begin quilting
9/17 - turn-in date

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