Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Insane goal update #2

I'm making steady progress! I've made all of the triangles that make up each half of the four x-shaped squares in each block. Now I'll need to press them and match up the triangles into the actual square. I've also begun setting out the matched pieces for the corner diagonals. I hope to finish matching those up tonight and start sewing those.

So. Providing I have some good solid sewing time this weekend, I think I am on track to at least be assembling the block pieces into a block.

The insane goal list:
8/26 - all 12 blocks complete
8/27 - all blocks assembled into top
8/28 - begin border pieces
8/31 - attach border
9/1 - basting
9/2 - begin quilting
9/17 - turn-in date

We'll see how it goes.


  1. Is machine quilting your new best friend?

  2. how's the "insane goal" coming along?