Saturday, June 03, 2006

Tent talk

The tent is supposedly big enough for seven people. I'm not too up on the architecture of tents but I think it is a dome tent. It is just one big room. The Husband says we cannot venture into it until we have mattresses to sleep on. Which does seem like a good idea, since I am pretty sure I'll have a tough enougn time sleeping outside while trying to make sure the fidgets aren't escaping without worrying about rocks jabbing me in the butt and neck.


  1. In my experience, dome tents big enough for 7 people only seem to really sleep 4 people, anyways. Remember that time we went camping with everyone from college?

  2. Yeah I always count a 4 person tent as a 3 person tent. The people who make up the tent sizing think that people lay perfectly straight all night long without moving and have no gear to also go in the tent with the sleeping people but I digress . . . have fun with the camping. My husband just nixed my summer camping hopes. If you were nearby I'd say you could borrow our sleeping pads.

    Have fun!