Monday, December 12, 2005

And the winner is...Danni!

Survivor is complete! Danni is a new was-a-millionaire-until-the-IRS-came-along. I suppose it is possible that she could have enough money lying around to still be a millionaire, but somehow I doubt it. Anyways, great to see Danni win the game like a pro. And while I wish it could have been Rafe to win the 100k instead of Steph…well, he did make sort of a dorky mistake by releasing Danni from her promise. I was surprised that he did that, and floored that he held it against her. Moral compass, my butt. He managed to maintain my favor the entire game, even when he was getting emotional. But when he released Danni from her promise, and held it against her when she took him at his word…sorry. Revenge doesn’t pass any moral compass test I know of.

Anyhow, I did manage to stuff all the Christmas cards but didn’t get to finish addressing the ones that I had to track down new addresses for. Plus I still have no stamps. I didn’t get to work on the final appliqu├ęd block. I hope to start on that tonight. But, I did manage to get dinner in a crock pot before I left for work this morning. Mmm. Thai Pork Stew will be smellin’ up the house by the time we get home.

And the water at work still tastes bad. Though now there is an added bonus: chemical taste on top of filtered-through-an-old-shoe taste. Yum! I may have to drink pop for the rest of the day.

Opinion poll: would one of those no-sew fleece pillow kits be an acceptable gift for an almost-five year old girl? Her mom says she likes crafty things, and they have a pillow with a princess theme that I think she would like. I’m not sure what exactly you do to make one of those pillows. I guess I’ll try it and see. I’ll probably head out at lunch to fetch that. I really need to make more progress on the ‘ol Christmas list.

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