Friday, December 09, 2005

2 out of 4 that I'll like the Survivor outcome...

It’s a new day and my two favorites to win Survivor are still in the game. Hurrah! It is a shame they couldn’t get rid of Steph (she had immunity) but I’m mostly ok with that since I still have a 50% shot at being happy with the result of the show. The Big Episode is this Sunday, and The Husband and I will be snuggled up on our couch with a Blizzard from Dairy Queen to celebrate the occasion.

Oh, and I really have nothing against Lydia. She is Switzerland in the game of Survivor. I don’t think she has done anything special to curry favor, but she has managed to last and hasn’t been a big fat meanie.

Hopefully Steph won’t win because I don’t want to puke up my Blizzard.

In other news, the gingerbread house is partially assembled. It has four walls and a partial chimney. I had some trouble with the icing (I blew out the seams on two vinyl Wilton bags! Crap. Now I need new icing bags) before I decided I’d better thin it down some. Also I had two walls fall over. I almost cried at that point. But The Husband kiss-kissed it better and after I thinned the icing and improvised an icing bag with a cone of parchment paper it all came together. Unfortunately I put it on a cake plate with a rimmed edge and the front wall ended up against the edge of the plate and the back wall has all this extra room. I should have started with the front, but I was afraid my first wall would look sloppy. Oh well. It’s still cute, and live & learn, etc. etc.

I only managed about an inch of appliqué last night. But here’s a question for you seasoned quilters out there: why does my freezer paper keep falling off? I’m able to continue without it (albeit somewhat nervously) but my first few pieces the paper really stuck well and gave me a good guideline. All of a sudden my freezer paper is detaching after only a few stitches. Is my iron not hot enough? Too hot? Too steamy? I am finding it a little frustrating.

The water at work today tastes like it got filtered through an old shoe. I wonder if that is why I didn’t like the peppermint tea yesterday.

Happy Friday!!!

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