Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Can Friday get here soon?

Today has been one of those days. Being a programmer sucks at software release time.

But staying on topic. I finished an appliquéd piece yesterday, and started on another. It’s not a good TV night so maybe I’ll get to finish it. But wait! Another project has cropped up in the wings: a gingerbread house. I made the dough this morning and tonight I’ll cut out the pieces & bake. Maybe I’ll even make the frosting. Then assembly can start tomorrow. I’ve never made one before so I’m excited. It of course is inspired by the uber-wonderful Gingerbread Snowflake cookies. Thanks, Martha!

Bad news for the Snowflake quilt, though. The Husband has requested that I make a quilt for The Boy first. I made him one that is quilt size before he was born, but that must not amount to a hill of beans. At first I was pretty annoyed with this request. It’s my freakin’ hobby, dammit. Can I at least have control over my own hobbies? But then The Boy noticed me working on the flower quilt and he asked me what I was doing. I told him I’m making a quilt. And in the cutest little hopeful voice ever, he said, “For me?” My heart is aching because I realize The Husband was right. The Boy needs my creative energies directed at him as well. And of course that is way more important than the Perfect Project.

So. I started browsing around for some inspiration for The Boy’s quilt. The Husband wanted me to make something with trains on it or with a cutesy fabric but I’m not into that. If I’m investing all this time in it, then he is going to be stuck with this quilt as a symbol of his mommy’s warmth & love for him FOREVER. And he’s not going to go off to college with a choo-choo quilt for his bunk.

Obviously The Boy is really into trains, so when I happened across a pattern called “Take the night train” I found more of the classic momminess that I’m watching out for. At one time I had actually considered making it for The Husband but then I found the pattern for the quilt I did make for him.

This quilt has a bunch of Ohio Stars in it and a sashing made up of strips of the colors in the Ohio Stars. I am wondering if the pattern name is a fresh one or if it is a classic name that has existed for awhile. Does anyone know?

Anyways, I’ve got to start collecting fat quarters of green prints for the stars. That’ll be fun. I like picking out fabric, though I know my beginner status shows through because I like to shop at JoAnn Fabrics (or Etc. or whatever the heck it’s name is) for fabric. And I’m sure that must be the lowest quality crapola available. I do occasionally go to a local quilt shop but they don’t have a huge selection and it’s kind of expensive. I should go there, though. Help the local economy and all that.

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