Wednesday, December 28, 2005

And the craft of choice is...?

My aunt gave me a Crochet pattern-a-day calendar for Christmas. I have already gone through all 365 days of the calendar and put aside several projects I’d like to do.

And my mother-in-law asked me to make truffles for a cousin’s wedding shower in March. So I’ll have to practice making them, and probably figure out some way to package the truffles as a tasteful favor.

It is not looking good for The Quilt. Maybe tonight I’ll be able to sew a few rows of the top together. So far I haven’t even touched doing that. I suppose the long weekend could help me out, but I’ll definitely miss my goal.


But maybe the actual quilting of the quilt will be faster than I expect it to be. Maybe it won’t take six months to do. Maybe I’m dreaming altogether.

Oh, and the other day I was thinking of trying to make a dress and matching vest for the cousin’s wedding for The Girl & The Boy. I did enjoy making The Girl her baptism dress. It was quite simple: traditional length, with five single pleats in the front under the bodice, a Peter Pan collar with a simple lace edge, short sleeves with a gentle pouf & elastic arm openings, and a little bit of lace around the edges of the sleeves…very nice, really. At least until the very end, when I was ironing it to prepare for sewing the button holes in the back. It melted. No kidding. A big giant hole, right there in the back. I cut out the burnt area and sewed in a patch, but it wasn’t the same. It didn’t hang right in the back after that. Good thing all the pictures are of her front.

FYI - I am on a mission to lose excess flab before our trip to Disney later this winter. So I am happy to report two things: 1) I jogged some this morning, though admittedly not my usual route; and 2) I managed to resist some yummy-looking cookies some other weight-desperate soul left in the common area at work. Ok, I didn’t totally resist. I told myself I could go back in an hour and if there were any left I could have one. Let fate do the dirty work for me, you know? Anyways, it worked. They were gone.

So I’m now sitting at my desk, lunching on my drinkable soup cup (which I don’t drink – I use a spoon. How fun is it to drink your lunch?) and thinking on all the crafts I wish I had time to do. I should just quit my job and become Martha Stewart. Except for the convicted felon part.


  1. Martha Stewzegi doesn't sound quite right. Besides Martha is never hanging out at home making stuff unless she's got an government issued ankle bracelet.

  2. Point taken! And I would get tired of saying things like, "It's a good thing."