Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Potty break

I am going to take this opportunity to vent on the total lack of manners people display in a public toilet, specifically the toilet everyone uses at work.

Ok, so you gotta go. That's ok. Everyone does it. Go ahead, go to the bathroom. It's all good. Well, not really. What is good is going in the bathroom, using it, cleaning up after yourself (and I don't mean mopping the floor and scrubbing the sinks--I mean, don't freakin PEE on the toilet and leave it there, or POOP and "forget" to flush,) washing your hands (WITH SOAP) and going on your merry way.

For some reason, I work in a place where people seem to think that going to the bathroom is just like standing in line in the cafeteria. Sure, I want to converse with you while my pants are down and I eject bodily waste. I barely know your last name, so why the heck not?

Yeah. So obviously I don't like it when people converse with you while you are going to the bathroom. You know why? It's because what you do in the privacy of your stall is just that. Private.

And while we're on the subject of private: I especially hate it when you are alone in the bathroom, and someone else comes in. There are eight stalls. Guess which one they pick? Yeah. The one right next to you. As if you need kinship. I am always tempted to ask them to move to a more private stall. Or barf on the floor so that it splashes on their shoes. That is, if I had to barf. I won't force myself to barf just to make a point.

I have principles, you know.

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  1. HAHHAHAHAHAHA! Ok. I will admit to having occassionally used a stall next to someone. But hey, it's my favorite stall!