Friday, December 16, 2005

On your mark...get set...paint!

It’s official. The kitchen is getting a coat of paint. Last night we put up the first coat of ceiling paint (yes, ceiling white, though it used to be yellow. And not yellow with age, the actual color yellow) and today The Husband will be putting up coat two. Normally we’d only do one coat of ceiling paint, but that yellow is hard to cover.

So I’m on the official prowl for a color. It’s pretty much got to be picked out today. I found a cool color on the Home Depot site in the Behr colors. I liked Caramel Sundae, Copper Mountain, Chai Spice, and Tiny Fawn. Sometimes I pick a color by the name, which I admit seems stupid. But I’ve had some luck with that. Once I picked out colors with candy: I liked the way two colors of Star Wars Milk Chocolate Jedi-mix M&M’s coordinated and I painted our dining room the two colors. It turned out awesome. So don’t be knockin’ my selection methods.

Though there was that one time I selected a mint green for our bedroom and it turned out looking like a hospital room. Oops. But the replacement color looked questionable on the card and turned out awesome on the wall.

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  1. I'd be a little worried about going too brown or orange. With your new cabinets, you want the cabinets to stand out. So I'd go with a Wooden Cabin. It maybe a little dark so a lighter shade might look good. I just worry a brown or orange will blend the cabinets in too much. Just an opinion...