Monday, December 19, 2005

Mm. Poop brown.

One coat is complete. It’s brown. A lovely brown, really. But brown. The Husband started calling it poop brown but really it’s nowhere near as dark as poop. I should mention that he is partially color blind.

I still like the color but I’m not sure if I’m crazy about how it looks with the cabinets. However, it needs a second coat, touch-ups, and the blue edging tape taken down to get the full effect. So I’m keeping an open mind and giving it a good six months before I decide if I like it or not.

In other weekend news, we celebrated Christmas at my mom’s house yesterday. The Boy had a blast unwrapping presents and playing with the cousins. The Girl loved her Care Bear gifts but hasn’t quite caught on to the tear-open-the-paper concept. I guess we do spend a lot of time trying to prevent the destruction of items around the house, so it is foreign to be given a pretty package to go wild on.

And I just got word that The Boss is home sick today. Merry Christmas to me. Not that I wish illness or disease on The Boss. I mean, he’s nice enough as an individual. And everyone eventually has the thought that their boss is a moron. That is the nature of being bossed. I just would like to not have to feel on guard. You never know when The Boss will drop by the cubicle and start asking questions which you may or may not be prepared to answer. It sort of reminds me of my dad asking me if I was doing drugs as a kid. I didn’t, probably to the point of being a goody-goody, but that didn’t stop me from feeling funny about it.

In quilting news, I don’t have much to report. I am almost done with the last leaf. That’s it. Once I finish that I probably won’t get any farther this week because of the painting/entertaining/present wrapping crush that is about to swing into full gear.

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