Sunday, December 11, 2005

Middle of the freakin' night...and I'm at work.

It's failover testing night, weeeee! So here I am at almost two in the morning, drooping over my keyboard on a conference call and hoping someone will soon tell me I can go home.

On a good note, in between tests I managed to finish appliquéd block number 5. And though I thoroughly enjoy sewing, I am glad none of my coworkers noticed and/or commented on my time-killing task. Most of them are guys and it just wouldn’t do for them to think of me as motherly. Then they start expecting you to do mothering things for them, like bring in cookies and pick up their jackets. Even though I'm more like kid-sister age to most of my coworkers.

One more appliquéd block to go. Unfortunately I still haven’t done anything to the gingerbread house. I hope my icing hasn’t dried to yummy cement.

Today The Husband started working on patching up some walls in the kitchen from where we tore down an old backsplash. We recently got new cabinets (installation courtesy of my Uncle & Dad) and a beautiful granite countertop (courtesy of my Dad, who is a stone mason.) He says he wants the room repainted by Christmas. I don’t think he realizes that is only one weekend away. Yikes.

I guess I better hurry my butt over to the paint store and pick a color.

Have a good night.

Oh, and I just saw on that Richard Pryor died. I have a really great memory of my Dad taking my sister and me to see The Toy on Christmas Eve while we waited for my mom to come home from work. I am truly sad to hear of his passing. May he rest in peace.


  1. So I give up - what is fallover testing?

  2. Failover testing checks to see that, should a particular machine fail for any reason, that the backup machine will correctly take over the load of the failed machine. It is supposed to insure as little downtime as possible for end users. Did I refer to is as faLLover testing? It was a typo if I did. But it might as well be fall over testing, because I about fell over asleep at my desk.