Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas!!!

I think I am going through withdrawal. I haven't had the chance to post in two or three days and even though I am supposed to be napping before the big family extravaganza (which thankfully is not at my house) I am called to my pc by the siren song of blogging.

Anyways. Merry Christmas to everyone, or happy holidays if you aren't in to that. The Boy was quite excited to see that Santa was here, though disappointed that Santa wasn't still here this morning. I guess maybe we weren't thorough enough in our explanation of Santa's visit. At least this year we could use the old "Santa's watching!" phrase when he was misbehaving.

The Girl was also quite excited to get gifts, though I think she only opened one and that took a lot of coaxing. Eventually I opened them all up for her. She adored her new baby doll and was happily strolling her around the house in the baby stroller. She also fed the baby from some tea set dishes that her Godfather got her.

The Husband and I exchanged small stocking gifts. This is because we decided to get each other a new dining room floor. Our old floor used to be carpeted, but we knew there was hardwood underneath. In a frenzy of home improvement one day about six months ago we tore up the carpet and revealed hardwood floors that have seen better days. We could of course get it refinished or refinish it ourselves, but we question how good it will look with the hundred or so nails that the previous owner drove into it. Ack. So this way we get a wood look, get to pick our own color, can do it ourselves, and all for a cost we can handle. We (ahem, The Husband) did it already in the kitchen so we know what we're in for.

So. I hope everyone out there is having a beautiful, peaceful, loving Christmas. God bless us, everyone.

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