Thursday, December 15, 2005

Not a quilt blog?!

Question of the day: is it wrong to wish you are an Oscar Meyer wiener?

Last night The Husband told me that he finds my blog funny for two reasons: “it’s funny, and the blog claims to be about quilting, but barely talks about it.” Huh. I thought I was at least mentioning it most days. I guess maybe this isn’t a blog about quilting, but about whatever happens to be streaming through my mind at any random moment.

Ok. So I admit it. Not much quilt talk going on here. But wait--I have an update! Last night our guests left earlier than I expected (was it something I said?) and I got some work on the last appliqué block done. However, yesterday’s version of work stunk. On my first try the leaf was lopsided so I took it off. The second time I ended up with it wrinkled up. I took it off again.

So now it is carefully arranged and today I will make quality workmanship a priority, instead of watching VH1’s 100 hottest hotties list. Which, while we are on that topic, I have to say: Ashton Kucher has absolutely no business being on that list, and certainly not in the top 10. How can you tell me that he ranks anywhere near Johnny Depp? He is a goofball, with old taste in women (sorry, Demi, but you know it’s true). The Husband’s comment on the show (SPOILER!): “How does writing a song about your butt make you number one material?” [That was in reference to Beyonce, who is number 1.]

I guess he doesn’t think she’s that Bootylicious. I thought she seemed pretty enough, but being a female myself I can’t really gauge her absolute level of hotness. And when asked, none of the fancy ladies on the show seemed to want a lesbian moment with her. So, maybe The Husband is right. Something to think on. Who will write a butt song next year?

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  1. My brother saw Beyonce and Jay-Z at a CAVS game last week, and he claims that she's just as hot in person as she is on TV. So there's a guy's perspective.

    Personally, I find that thinking a girl is hot doesn't mean I want a lesbian moment with her. More like, I wish I was hot like she is. I don't think there's any woman I want a lesbian moment with. Ick.