Tuesday, February 21, 2006


And the Quilting Gold goes to…Me! That’s right folks. I finished my first ever hand-sewn block for The Boy’s quilt on Saturday. Maybe soon I’ll post a picture. I have now turned my time and energies to The Girl’s quilt top. I am making progress but there is much to do. I must maintain my focus and keep a steady pressure on my sewing machine pedal. Hopefully I’ll have my second gold before the end of closing ceremonies.

Huh. That means I will be two months behind on The Girl’s quilt. I have got to get my patoot in gear.

Chocolate update: I have not yet received the twenty glorious pounds of chocolate I ordered the other day. Which is good, because its creamy chocolateness would distract me from my vision of winning two gold medals.

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  1. 20 LBS! Wow that's a ton of truffles! Reminds me of when I bought 20 LBS of organic tomatoes to can spaghetti sauce. They were the best 4 quarts of sauce I ever made not to mention the most expensive.