Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Slight progress

Last night I trimmed the edges of the main portion of the quilt. It is now ready for sub-border and border attachment.

I didn't get too much done last night since The Boy is sick. Thankfully my Dad was able to come over and watch him during the day today. The Girl went to daycare so that she could avoid germs. Also the two of them together are kind of a handful at this age, and isn't it enough to ask your dad to be a potential barf target?

Also in the past few days I have been imagining a quilt I'd like to make for my mom. Her favorite flowers are lilacs and I've always associated them with her. By now she might hate them but too bad...I've already made the association. Anyways. I'm thinking I'd like to make a baltimore medallion style quilt. It would have a central appliqued jar/vase/basket holding a bunch of flowers. Then most of the rest of the decoration on the quilt is quilting itself, possibly accentuated with a technique called trapunto, where you stuff extra batting in there to make portions extra-fluffy looking. The other decoration would be the border, which will have color in it because otherwise it would be totally boring.

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