Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Have a Magical Day!

So. Here I am. Back fresh from a Magical vacation to Disney World with The Family. We had a GREAT time. I cannot stress how much I recommend this for people with kids. Fear of being assimilated by the Disney machine is nothing compared to the fear you should feel about not providing your kids with this special piece of magic. I mean, come on. It is just a way to lighten your wallet. But few places are designed to delight a child as this place is. Shed your commercialistic resentment and give your kids something that is the essence of childhood.

Anyways. Hints in case you ever decide to go yourself with smallish kids: the meal plan is a must if you are staying on resort, and is particularly helpful if you want to attend character meals; get your stroller tickets for all of the days you will be there the first day (it's cheaper and you don't have to wait in line to pay over and over); and of course, plan for a nap if your kids still take them. No point running them into the ground.

We went to three character meals. A princess meal at Epcot, which had really great breakfast food. Then another princess meal at Cinderella's castle, which was probably the best for the kids. The Boy actually took a liking to Princess Aurora there and got a smooch on the cheek with real lip prints to show for it. The last meal was at the Contemporary resort with Chef Mickey and was ok.

The Boy thoroughly enjoyed many rides, especially Buzz Lightyear. He didn't like Snow White's ride or Honey I shrunk the Audience, or the Barn Buster kiddie roller coaster. The Girl was unhappy with all of the movie-type experiences, and regarded all characters with either thinly veiled horror or suspicion. But she did seem to enjoy rides like the tea cups and the carousel.

Anyways. It was a grand vacation. We hope to go back in a few more years with my parents and sister (we went this time with The Husband's parents & sister's family.) That will be a nicely rounded Disney experience for the kids to keep in their childhood memories.

And now, maybe I can work on The Quilt some...


  1. Disney is good for adults too! (I say, having gone there 2 summers ago with my parents, sister, and no children.)

    I missed you. I missed you, your emails, and your blog!

    I'm so glad you had fun!

  2. Most of my Disney years were as a teenager. It was great to just wander around with my sister for days. I think Disney does do a good job of appealing to every age. I'm glad you had a good time.

  3. How wonderful to experience the Disney magic through the eyes of your children!

    There is always something new there every time I go!

    We all hive inner children who need magic - it's not just for kids!