Thursday, February 09, 2006

Beware: rigid and strict interpretation below

So I got my book about fusing quilts. I still think the quilts are quite pretty, but I think there is some kind of a misnomer. Quilts aren't 18 inches by 24 and hung on a wall. A quilt is a blanket, used for warmth. I don't think throwing the word 'art' in there makes it ok to call it something that it is clearly not. Maybe I am just being stupid, but it sounds like these fused quilt tops are too fragile for use as anything other than a decorative wallhanging. I guess I am just disappointed because they didn't appeal to me the way they did when I saw them on a website. I guess after I finish my other two or three quilts maybe I'll think about learning applique for real so that I can make something as pretty and grand as the fused art wallhangings into a real live quilt.

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  1. Why do people hang guilts on walls? Wouldn't that get really dusty? I've never understood it. Not even way back when I used to babysit for someone who had a quilt hanging on the wall. I wanted to ask them how they could snuggle under the quilt if it's on the wall, but sadly, I never did.