Thursday, February 23, 2006

Olympic Update: Disaster Thwarted

Last night I was working on the remaining side border for The Girl’s quilt. I finished it (hurray for me) but in my casual observance of the two piles of fabric for the stripes, I found myself thinking: hey, it looks like there are a lot more white strips than mauve strips. (Remember I still have to complete the top and bottom borders.)


Out came the pattern book. According to that I needed 16 more mauve stripes to make my border look like the border in the picture. Ok, no problem. All I had to do was count the mauve strips. I must have just made way more white strips. Right?

Wrong! I only have 14 remaining mauve strips. Two short. Two! As The Boy would say, What the heck?! I ran to the closet where I’ve been storing the fabric bits for the quilt and started painstakingly pulling out fabric, piece by piece. I never found two more strips, but I found enough left over mauve to cut two more strips.

Whoo! I thought for a moment I risked scrapping the entire project, and not just the gold medal. But no, I am still in the running for gold.

Yeah, baby. I’m that good. Or that lucky.


  1. Wow - I am so relieved - Never fear you have friends in cities across the country who would go to all the craft stores in the area to help you find that fabric. But being the wonderfully crafty people we are, we do tend to have "extras" of things.

    I keep reminding the husband that all this crafting mess really isn't a mess or storage catastrophy it is all part of a master crafting plan - yeah that it. We are genuises!

  2. I guess that would be more convincing if I spelled genius correctly - oh well.

  3. Excellent save! Good to have more fabric!