Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It's here, it's here!

Twenty glorious pounds of good-quality chocolate are gracing my dining room table. Hopefully Chalicat and I can get together this weekend to start spinning delightful bits of chocolate into reality.

Quilt Olympic update: I neglected to mention that Sunday I finished the corner blocks of the border. Last night I finished one side border. Tonight I hope to get the other side done, as well as possibly getting the top and bottom border in sub-assembled order.

Last night I switched off from Coats and Clark thread to the stuff I bought at the quilt shop. It’s some German sounding name of thread that I’ve seen other places as well. Gutterburg or something. I can see that it has a smoother and more tightly twisted look than the C&C. So far it seems to be working fine. The true test will be when the bobbin runs out, though.

On top of my ambitious quilting goal for this evening, The Husband and I will be making a side trip to Sam’s Club to look at their laminate flooring. We're thinking of doing that in our dining room, since it will most likely be the most inexpensive but nice-looking solution. We might be able to carpet it for the same price but I think the kids have already demonstrated that carpet doesn't work out well in the dining area.

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  1. My husband still thinks that we will be able to just feed our future children on the back porch and then hose them down after each meal. I keep telling him that I don't think this will work but with laminate in the dining area you may be able to do the hose thing - you'll just need a drain.

    Happy floor hunting!