Monday, February 27, 2006

Maybe next time...

Well, it's official. The Olympics are over and I only earned one quilting gold medal. And to add insult to injury, I was at the bookstore the other day browsing a quilt book and I noticed it said you shouldn't hand-sew over the seam allowance when joining more than two pieces. Dang. I did that.

But it's only one block. And my first hand-sewn block at that. I think I can forgive myself.

I did make progress on the quilt top. It's just not done. I have all of the border pieces pressed and ready to go. The main area of the top needs to be trimmed. Also there is a skinny strip that seperates the border from the main area that needs to be added. All in all I'd say I have eight more seams to go to finish the top. Then it is on to the quilting of the layers.

Chalicat and I managed to make two different batches of amaretto truffles yesterday. They turned out very tasty I think but we had trouble with bloom. That's when the crystals in the chocolate get out of whack and the chocolate develops a sort of mottled and, well, ugly surface. It looks yucky but still tastes good. I have subjected many coworkers to a taste test. The current preference seems to be for the dark chocolate centers with dark coating (versus the bittersweet centers with dark coating.)

So I need to practice tempering the chocolate. That is not going to be easy.


  1. We just have to make more candies!

  2. Yum - chocolate - BTW I have yet to get my samples via mail. Hint hint.

    Maybe you got some moisture in the chocolate which is making it look funky. Alton Brown melted his chocolate with a heating pad (sort of like a double boiler with a heating pad in the middle)- sounds funky but the heat is low and safe and DRY so maybe that could help.

  3. Hey I was just checking out Loopie Chick's blog that you have listed on your site and I was happily stunned to realize that Loopie Chick and I are located both in N CA and that she is a knitter and we were both in the Knitting Olympics! WOW SMALL WORLD!

  4. I don't even know Loopie Chick! I just liked her blog. But yes, small world!