Friday, February 17, 2006

And the gold goes to...

Well it is hard to tell who the quilting gold should go to since I am the only competitor. I guess I win by default. Do I get the silver and bronze, too?

Though I am ahead of myself. I still have one more seam to sew for The Boy's event. Then it is time to really turn it on so I can accomplish The Girl's event as well.

Hey. You know what that means? I could get two gold medals.

Not much new today. We watched Survivor last night. I really do not care much for Shane. Other than that they all still seem pretty neutral. Bruce does seem a little full of himself but I missed most of his segment, that is all heresay from The Husband.

Boy I am hungry. I may have to supplement my pb&j sandwich with a cup of soup or something.

Oh, and to NeonApple & LogoAnn: you are more than welcome to sample the truffles. I imagine 20 pounds of chocolate will make quite a few of them, and we'll hopefully be experimenting a bit and will need feedback. Though I can't guarantee my ability to get off my butt and take samples to the post office.

1 comment:

  1. I'll have to make the effort to pick mine up in persone. I should get neonapple's since she is unlikely to be able to pick up hers.