Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy V-Day

This is yesterday's post, which I did not get around to posting:

Cupid has arrived with a dozen long-stemmed roses, a balloon, a chocolate rose, and Reese Cups. It’s nice to get them at the office where other people can ogle them. Not that I want to show off or anything.

Ok, I do. But I just want other people to know how great The Husband is. That’s all. Really.

I got something for him but just in case he happens to be checking the blog (which I don’t think he does all that often, but he might if he thinks he is getting a present) I will put it in code. I got him a weeble-snobber and a padutoot. He’ll never guess what those are. Neither will you but that’s part of my fun.

No progress on the quilt block last night. Unfortunately our children can’t write their names yet and daycare classes hand out valentines. So The Husband and I spent our Olympic-watching time dutifully filling in about eighty valentines. It seemed to take a long time. This of course made me wonder – what early elementary school age kid has the time or patience for this?

Last night we also took The Kids to Carvel’s for ice cream to celebrate The Boy’s movement to his new class. We were trying to get him psyched about it. I am not sure that it worked. When I dropped him off today he did keep his composure until I went to leave. So there was improvement. Hopefully after The Husband takes him to the room for the rest of the week he’ll have adjusted to a more comfortable level for mommy by Monday. In case you have never been to a Carvel’s – go. You must try it. It is super-dooper creamy and ooooh so sinful. I had Birthday Cake mix flavor and it was just perfect. Everyone else had chocolate, which was also incredibly creamy and good. That is a very high recommendation, because I actually do not like chocolate ice cream all that much. We filled out a form to get a free mini-ice cream cake on our anniversary. Hopefully we don’t get gobs of hateful marketing as a result of wanting a free cake.


  1. Where is there a Carvel's? I must come visit you! Of course, after I'm done being sick.

  2. We have had the Carvel's cake here in CA - they sell them at our grocery store. Reminds me of DQ which I miss horribly since we don't have very many DQs here.

    Cudos for The Husband sending you goodies at work - that always gets double bonus points!

  3. Goodies at work rock. I can't seem to get this idea across to Brian. I'll have to work on him...