Friday, January 06, 2006

That credit card is smokin'!

There is no better motivation to exercise than seeing yourself in a full-length mirror under shopping-mall lights. Gah. I look terrible! And I’m supposed to be slimming down for vacation. It of course didn’t help that the first thing I tried on was a pair of really low-rise pants that The Husband picked out. I didn’t even bother to come out of the changing room to show him. Why burn that image into his head?

But I did have some luck. I found a pair of passable khaki-type pants for work, and another pair of oh-so-soft velvet pants that I’ll probably also wear to work. And I found two button-down ¾ length shirts, and two camisoles. I am getting a little concerned though that I have so many shirts of the button-down style that you don’t tuck in. Am I in a rut?
Oh, and The Husband bought himself five pairs of pants/jeans.

So. This morning rolled my tubby tum out of bed and out for a jog. Must. Keep. Exercising.

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