Wednesday, January 18, 2006

healthcare sucks and other thoughts

And so the year begins, with January SickFest ’06. The Girl is finally getting over being sick with RSV, and now The Boy is sick again, after only a few healthy days from his bout with RSV, plus an ear infection. My Dad was gracious enough to make the 45 minute drive after I woke him up before seven to come and watch The Boy. We sent The Girl to daycare. She is a little afraid of Grandpa still plus we don’t want her catching on to whatever ick The Boy has. Thankfully The Husband has a short day today so Grandpa will only lose his morning to babysitting. Not that he doesn’t enjoy seeing his grandkids--it’s just that he didn’t plan this for his day, and maybe he’ll still be able to do what he actually had mapped out.

I have made absolutely no crafting progress in the past twenty four hours. I haven’t even tried to figure out how to safely operate the staple gun.

And I have to go to the dentist today. I do not like getting scraped and poked and whatnot. I do sometimes get to read a good magazine in the waiting room, so I suppose it isn’t all bad. And there is no copay. Finally a “free” trip to the doc!

And speaking of copays and docs: I realized with a deafening thud Monday that we managed to exclude The Kids from our prescription coverage this year when setting up our healthcare. AND we can’t get them added back to either of our plans because it was a mistake on our part and not a catastrophic life-changing event. Gimme a break. If it wasn’t so complicated to set up our healthcare, this never would have happened! Our enrollment periods barely overlap and we really had to scramble to get it all set up. Even though both of our companies use the same insurance company for medical, they enroll the drug coverage differently. The Husband’s company rolls it into the basic coverage. My plan has it as a separate issue. He cancelled their basic coverage, I added them. You can extrapolate from there what happened. Crap. Crap. CRAP.

Join with me now in my rage against the healthcare machine! Oh, and also my employer, for having such a dumb policy. Though I guess that is actually rage against the HR machine, as most companies find multiple ways to make the lives of employees more difficult than necessary.

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  1. Fight the power, Sister! Down with the beauracracy, down with doctor bills, down with the man!

    Oh, and a staple gun is really easy to operate so don't worry a thing about it. Just keep the kids a few feet back and aim for the floor.