Tuesday, January 17, 2006

I'm baAAack

I haven't died or anything. I'm still here. Our family was taken over by the Dread Daycare germs. All of us were sick. Actually I need to correct that. We're all still sick, just not too sick to go to work and play.

No progress on the quilt. Though yesterday I got to stop at the quilt shop. I dropped off a prescription for The Boy and headed to the library to return overdue books (of course) and to fetch something for myself to read. I have no bedtime reading material and I'm starting to dream about Sudoku's. Well. The library was closed. At first I thought it was that damn library tax that didn't pass which consequently shortened their hours. Later The Husband pointed out it was probably for MLK day. Ok, I guess that is legit.

So. I needed to kill some time while simultaneously destressing from all of the crying and lamenting sickness brings to children. So I stopped at the shop. This time nobody was rude to me. In fact, nobody said a thing to me. I felt a little invisible but that was ok because I didn't intend to buy anything and not buying in a little shop that is probably hopeful for every single sale feels like taboo to me. But nothing caught my eye enough that I had to have it. So I browsed and then went back for The Boy's antibiotics. (Ear infection.)

But...I did go to JoAnn's and buy some fabric for recovering the chair seats on our kitchen dining set and for a small valence over the window. Nothing too big, it is the only source of natural light so it can't be too imposing. Just something to dress it up and bring the color scheme together. I cut the fabric for the seats but haven't stapled it. I have never used a staple gun before and since the kids were a bit clingy I didn't want to try to use it and end up stapling feet to the floor or something.

I should point out that I don't feel guilty about going to JoAnn's for this purchase. The quilt shop doesn't sell home-decorating weight fabrics. And I needed something that would stand up to the rigors of "young family" life.

So. I was just browsing some of my favorite blogs. I have no idea how I even found Loopie Chick's blog in the first place since I don't know her. But I was reading her blog and noticed that she has mentioned quite a bit about other knitting blogs. I am having the darndest time finding anything similar for quilters. What the heck? Are there no quilters out there blogging? Unfortunately All Too Quilty hasn't been updated in some time. I haven't found anything else good. Maybe I'm just not looking in the right places. Hmm.

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