Wednesday, January 11, 2006


This is a short one since my lunch was compressed by a pesky business user. Well, she herself isn't pesky. I use the term loosely for people who want stuff from me.

Anyway. The Boy is still sick. The Husband stayed home with him today. I hope he doesn't pass it to anybody else. Poor little guy. Daycare called me yesterday and told me to come get him, and when he saw me he immediately began crying, clung to my legs and looked up at me. Then with that teary little voice said, 'Mommy, I throwed up.' I wanted to squeeze him back to health right then. Instead I took him to Marc's for children's Tylenol. Not because I didn't want to cure him, obviously, but because I can't.

And I have one of those annual exam type doctor appointments after work today. Not something to look forward to. Ugh. At least I am not as self concious as I used to be. Pushing out two kids in the presence of half a dozen or so people pretty much cures you of that.

Back to work. Have a nice day. La!

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