Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Quilting progress!

I’ve finally created the four blocks that make up the corners of The Girl’s quilt border. They aren’t actually 100% finished, though. I thought they were and I was doing a little happy dance and then I noticed that…get this…the border pieces actually have borders themselves. Well then. Maybe I can finish that tonight.

On other topics. I am currently reading “The Secret Life of Bees” by Sue Monk Kidd. Awesome book. I highly recommend it. I finished the quilting book “Hearts and Hands” that Chalicat gave me for Christmas a few weeks ago. It was very interesting, and had a lot of beautiful quilt photos. One photo that had me transfixed for a long time was a picture of a deceased baby in her cradle with a quilt covering her as if she were just asleep. It about broke my heart.

I often have the habit of reading more than one book at once. I am also reading “Make Your Creative Dreams Real” by Sark. (I think that is the title.) I got it out of the library the other day. I just happened to walk by a rolling cart that it was on and the title caught my eye. I also recommend this one, but not if you are a straight-laced kinda guy or gal.

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  1. Oh do tell me more about the books. I'm glad you liked the quilting book.