Tuesday, January 03, 2006


It’s back to the grind today. At least this week is short, though. I think I’ll make it.

Updates on quilting. That should come first. I mean, this is a quilt blog, right? Anyway. I went to a local quilt shop on Friday after being released from work early for an “offsite” meeting. That roughly translates to going to a bar and drinking. But back to the story. I went to the local quilt shop. I actually like this shop a lot, and I’ve been there before, but the prices and the expertise of other shoppers generally spook me a little. Not this time. I decided I was going in there and asking my dumb questions and coming out armed with what I needed.

Except I got there at 3:50. They close at 4. They were not very subtle about pointing this out.

So under the pressing eye of the clerk who told me they were closing in ten minutes, I wandered quickly through the fabrics. I was looking for a back for The Girl’s quilt. Unfortunately I neglected to bring any swatches with me. I floundered. The clerk briskly tidied. I caved and picked out six fat quarters for The Boy’s upcoming quilt and scurried away. I did manage to ask if they have a quilting group that meets in their shop while paying for the quarters. She gave me a newsletter that details classes and meetings, etc. That was worth the trip. I couldn’t wait to read it.

They have a quilting meeting that is two hours long once a month where you just sit and quilt and chat. I think I may try it, even though I don’t know anybody. I t would really be nice to have a friend or two to chat quilts with. I know my friends will listen to my chatter about it, but sometimes you like to sit and be inspired by someone else’s chatter, too.

On Monday I decided to go back to the quilt shop. This time I took actual swatches, and I was ready to ask questions. I’ve been thinking that I’d like the back of the quilt to be flannel since The Girl likes soft things. I’ve never quilted with it and I don’t know how it holds up or anything, so I wanted to ask about it.

I made my way to the quilt fabric room and found the flannels. They are quite pretty, and very soft. I was worried though that they would get pills from use or get thin and worn. There was a clerk in the room busily ignoring me, and eventually I must have made enough perplexed faces and sighs that she asked me if she could help. I asked how they flannel wears, etc. and she actually seemed insulted. Insulted! Like I had asked about the moral fiber of her mother instead of whether flannel fabric will hold up to toddler usage.

“This is high quality fabric,” she said snootily. I then asked if it gets pills, as some fuzzy fabric does with use. “No,” she said, even more snootily than before, “this is not that cheap stuff you’ll see elsewhere.” Not cheap, indeed. It was $8.50 a yard.

Then I proceeded to ask her what she thinks of the color combination. She seemed a little annoyed by that, and even more annoyed that I admitted to not being crazy about the mauve color. Pretty much she told me to pick it myself. But wait! There is still another question. I need six yards. If there isn’t enough on the bolt, can I order it?

This clerk must have thought I just crawled out of some dark-age cave. “No,” she said, as if I obviously don’t know how quality fabric works, which I probably don’t, but why point it out, “once this company prints and sends out fabric, they move on to greener pastures.”

I maintain my total state of denial and pretend like she is being helpful while busying myself with a choice. I finally settle on a deep red flannel. There is just a smidgen more than six yards on the bolt. She kindly gives me the extra smidge without charge. I guess maybe she is kind of nice. Or maybe it was easier than breaking out the scissors.

So I purchase my fabric, then move on to the craft store. There I buy two skeins of Lion Thick & Quick chenille in (I sense a theme here) a beautiful deep red along with a set of purse handles. You guessed it—I’m thickening the plot by attempting to crochet myself a new purse.

Yesterday no quilt work got done, except the purchase of the backing. I spent the entire extra part of the afternoon working on the purse. You have got to mix it up some, you know? I am only about an hour away from being done, I think. Sometimes it helps to motivate you if you actually finish something, and it will be cute. And if it isn’t purse-worthy, I can use it to take my supplies to the quilt group. Hurrah!


  1. I can't believe how nasty the clerk was! Can you complain? I would have taken her name and written a letter of complaint to the store. Is there another quilting store near you that you can visit? There's one near me, if you want to visit me sometime. ;)

  2. Well, I'm surprised you bought the fabric. I would have walk out myself. However, I would imagine myself giving her a startling put down about her service skills and try to say something abour how tacky her fabrics were. Then I guess I'd hope never to see her again.

  3. I know she was terrible. But it's proximity to our house and the quilt meeting draw me there in spite of the help. Who knows, maybe she'll turn out to be a quilting buddy.