Thursday, January 19, 2006

New outfit day!

So I’ve got my annual work review today. I’m nervous, of course, and haven’t told The Husband in case I actually have good news to surprise him with. I am not holding my breath, though.

To combat my nervousness, I am wearing my new feel-good outfit. It is a striped shirt with velvet pants and a satin belt that matches some of the stripes in the shirt. Only problem: I’m wearing the shirt tucked in and it keeps bulging out right above my pants button. So I am projecting the image of a well-dressed beer-bellied worker bee.

Last night I finally managed to upholster one of the chairs. Getting the fabric on wasn’t too hard. Getting the seat back on the frame--now that was a challenge. The Husband and I eventually got it done and I think the seat looks great. I didn’t get around to taking a picture but maybe someday I will.

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