Thursday, January 12, 2006

Flower Quilt Update

I forgot to mention that the evening after I finished the old lady satchel I worked on The Girl's quilt. The border has a block in each corner and each block is made up of four smaller blocks separated by sashing. I finished all of the smaller blocks. Now they need to be connected to the sashing.

And The Boy is well enough to go to daycare today. He didn't have a fever this morning, though he is still coughing.

I would also like to report that I successfully completed a 5-star Sudoku from the Sudoku-a-day calendar The Husband got me for Christmas. Yes, I am addicted to those as well.

And today is haircut day! Hurray! I love it when someone else washes your hair. Except they can see up your nose, and I sometimes worry they may see some boogerage.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I'be never worried about boogerage. I'll have to add that to my worries list. I hope my tip money is enough to cover for the grossness up looking up my nose. I wonder if I should tip the doctor too. I mean she's looking in much worse places...