Saturday, May 31, 2008

Some Chalicat Wedding pics & Another Walgreens trip

I hope Chalicat doesn't mind me posting a few pics of her wedding. Above is her and the new husband-to-be...
Me going down the aisle...I must say I look a bit puffier than I'd like.
The happy couple at the alter...
And the happy couple dancing the night away.
And The kids cutting a rug. We had a great time. Congratulations, Chalicat! Thank you for allowing us to share this wonderful day with you and HusbandCat.

And the Walgreens booty.

Ok, so I am hooked. I went to Walgreens again last night. Here is the rundown:
2 gallons of milk: 2.69/each
2-pack Walgreens no-rub contact solution - 6.99
Walgreens Gluco-shot - 1.99
2 Walgreens 12 pack AA batteries - 4.49 (it was bogo)
Colgate Toothpaste, 6.4 oz - 2.69
Walgreens 6pack AAA batteries - 2.79
Theragram M Premier vitamins - 4.99
Walgreens Calcium Creamies - 5.99
Walgreens water filter - 6.99
Multi-betic vitamins - 9.99
Ecotrin 45 count - 2.00

Total (plus tax)- 56.49.
Minus 1.70 for a toothpaste coupon, and 10.00 for a 10 off 30 purchase coupon.
New total (plus tax) - 44.79
Rebates from this order - 31.95
So total after that...12.84
But I will get an extra 10% on the rebates...3.19
Which brings the total for all that stuff to:
Not so long ago I would have spent 15 for just the contact solution. Wow.
I am so jazzed by this. Now. You may have noticed some things in my list that I don't need. I am not diabetic and neither is anyone in my household. I read a post (sorry I don't remember where) about how one should be willing to buy something you may not need sometimes to increase the savings at a Walgreens. I mean, if it's free or they are paying you to buy it...why not? And I can agree with that. I even warned The Husband before I left that I would be coming home with some "extra" stuff. He immediately piped up and said, hey, we can sell that on eBay! Which I am not sure that selling that sort of thing on eBay is allowed. But the point is, he was ok with it. I discussed my strategy with Chalicat yesterday, and her feeling was that it is not worth the extra money to have to deal with the extra stuff. And I can understand that viewpoint, too.

Anyways. I am sure I could have done even better, but I don't have a coupon cache yet. I had a coupon to get free Chex Mix but they were all out. Wah. Maybe I'll stop by this afternoon to see if they restocked...


  1. The wedding looked like it was a good time. Everyone looked great! Good job on the Walgreens deals. I have to agree with Chalicat though, I can't buy something just to make the deal better if I don't or won't use it. Now, I will go to Kohl's and buy something to push me over the $50 mark to get another $10. :)

  2. WOW! Beautiful wedding!! Both Chalicat and you are beautiful. I like your red dress!!

    Walgreen deal... you did it again! I still haven't attempted to go there yet. Hopefully this weekend I will keep eye on the Sunday paper to cut off many coupons.

    p.s. thanks your comment on my blog!!