Wednesday, November 14, 2007

That was quick

I finished the first step of The Boy's quilt. That really was quick, as the title of the book that the pattern came from implies. Of course there are more steps to go. Hopefully they can each be accomplished in about an hour and a half like the first step. Though the initial cutting did take me the better part of an afternoon.

I know Halloween has passed, but this is how The Boy and Girl got decked out for trick or treat. Those are The Husband's feet in the foreground. He wanted me to be sure to point them out. I made both of the costumes, much to the detriment of the Secret Project deadline. However I still got it done so there. The Children are already talking about what they want to be next Halloween.


  1. These costumes are so adorable! I had a blast making one for our little boy this year too. I'm not sure who love it more, me or him. Either way, nice job on these. I know it takes time away from quilting, but it's time well spent!

  2. Cute costumes! Usually I make an elaborate costume each year, but this year DD went to a party with tiger ears and a tail so she could run around at a party without worrying about ripping a princess dress or something. Lucky for me too because there was an unusual amount of other deadlines this year.