Saturday, November 10, 2007

Be free, and give warmth

Today the Secret Project went home to it's owners. I finished the binding and attached the label The Husband made for it this afternoon and barely got it washed and dried in time. The Husband had to stay home a few extra minutes to wait for it to dry and wrap it. I took the kids off to dinner and only had to answer that he would be along shortly once or twice.

So, here is a photo of it before I finished it:

And here are the proud new owners, and me:

And the new owners admiring a childhood photo of The Husband on the quilt:

It was welcomed with open arms, to many oohs and aahs. I am a bit sad to see it go home. Not because I wanted to keep it, but more because I often feel somewhat abandoned by completed projects. Weird, I know. It was my crafty companion for the better part of a year, and now it's all grown up and leaving the nest. Sigh.

I am super happy with how it turned out. My only regret about it is that I missed two people in the family tree that really should have been on it. And I did learn some things from it:
1) You really ought to iron the top before basting it. I know I should and got lazy and didn't and when I was quilting and found some seams flopped in two different directions I wished I hadn't been so darn lazy
2) Binding isn't so hard if you use a walking foot and do the corners carefully. I had never heard of using a walking foot before. I recently saw it mentioned on a Fons & Porter episode.
3) I enjoyed doing free style hand quilted feathers (only in the center medallion)
4) I like hand piecing too, but when there is a deadline it isn't a good idea
5) Skipped stitches when machine quilting is probably from using the incorrect needle

So be free, little quilt. Don't let the dog pee on you.

Next WIP: a quilt for The Boy. I already have fabric and a pattern picked out. Hmm, when can I start?


  1. Your anniversary quilt is gorgeous! What a wonderful way to commemorate your family. I really like the idea of using the photos for one of the rings, and the center medallion. I might have to copy that idea someday. I've already made a trip around the world quilt, but yours is different. I completely understand feeling abandoned by finished quilts. Maybe that is why I have so many UFOs!

  2. :D beautiful Quilt! And i do hope the dog doesn't pee on it :D

  3. How beautiful!! I will diffidently be saving some pictures of this somewhere for future ideas. I love everything about it, the pictures, the fabrics, the font you used for the numbers. Are they embroidered or made out of fabric?