Sunday, November 11, 2007


I've started the quilt project for The Boy. You may remember that I was making him an Ohio Star quilt. I decided it was turning out too boring for a five year old. And awhile back I decided that I needed to practice my quarter inch seam and precision. So I picked the book above to practice with. Not sure why I picked it in particular, I suppose it's availablity and the word "quick".

I chose a pattern from the book called Moulin Rouge. Here's something that kinda annoys me. Don't get me wrong, the pattern is fine. I think the overall look of it is attractive. I did pick it for The Boy, right? My problem is, the name implies that it is red. But I'm not making it red. It's mine and I want it to look like mine. (Ok, technically not mine if I am making it for The Boy.) What colors, then? you may be asking. Blue, green, and orange. Yeah man, it's gonna be loud.

Don't worry, I haven't left The Girl out. Her quilt is pieced & quilted, but not bound. I'm sort of being lazy about the binding, actually. The edges of the quilt have sort of a picket fence look and I just am not looking forward to the challenges of binding it. So my goal is to get The Boy's going, and one day while I am piecing his and getting bored out of my mind piecing the same two shapes together for the zillionth time, I'll whip out the binding fabric and make a binding.

Funny story: today The Husband asked the kids if they wanted to play Hungry Hippos. You know, the game where your plastic hippos have to out-eat the marbles of all of the other plastic hippos? The Boy pipes up and says, "YEAH! I want to play Humpin' Hippos!" I laughed about it all day. That is even better than him calling Joann Fabrics the "Crap Store". (Instead of craft.)

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  1. You sound like you have a wonderful plan - orange blue and green are all wonderful colors! And hopefully you will be able to sneak in a binding too when you are bored.