Sunday, June 10, 2007

Zegi goes to Columbus

Yeeha! I made it to the 2007 NQA Quilt show in Columbus this weekend! I was so jazzed. By Saturday when The Husband and I were getting ready to leave, I was really quiet about it. Turns out, I built it up in my head so much that I was afraid I would be disappointed. But I wasn't! It was awesome.

These are the goodies I bought. I spent all of the birthday money my dad gave me. I also decided it was time to become an official member of NQA, too.

We had hoped to also see LogoAnn while we were there for her graduation, but The Grandparents wanted us to come home for the kiddies. I guess they wore them out. He. Figure that. ;)

I took over a hundred pictures of quilts there. I have to say, though it was really large I rather expected it to be much bigger than it was. Sure it was way bigger than the guild show but it's national, and not I figured it would be overrun.

Highlights...I saw the 100,000 dollar quilt. It really was awesomely beatiful. It is appropriately named Bella but the 100k quilt exhibit did not allow photos so I have no eye-candy for you there. I also saw the Alzheimer's exhibit, which is intended to raise awareness and funds for research. It was really touching but I had to abandon it after I almost started crying. My great-grandmother and my grandmother both suffered from that awful disease, and now The Husband's grandfather is struggling through it. I just had to move away from all that powerful stuff before I started sobbing. It also did not allow photos, so thankfully I don't have anything to cry over now.

Here are a few photos. At first I was trying to take pictures of the quilt followed by a photo of the label so I could state the name and maker here. But I quickly realized I was taking too many photos for my memory card to accomodate with that scheme and I abandoned it.

The weird clear stripe through the picture is actually the crowd-control rope. I liked the use of the taupe in this one.

Unfortunately this one turned out blurry but it was one of my favorites. I love the way the brights pop on the black.
I'm more of a traditional pattern kinda gal but this one was really impressive, and I loved the use of bright color.

I liked the sunflowers on this one. Plus that it was applique but not in the baltimore album kind of way.

More photos another day! I've got tons, so I should be posting more often. Well, as often as life allows, I guess.

And I've already decided I'll have a quilt in the show next year. Then I could photograph me standing with it! That would be awesome.

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