Monday, June 11, 2007

More Columbus basking

I didn't mention yesterday (or maybe I did?) that I tried out 4 different longarm machines at the show. AWESOME. Maybe someday, in my wildly affluent dreams I could buy one. (Err, the cheapest one that I liked was 6k. The one I really wanted was 30k. He. Ya right. The Husband would probably have some kind of coronary event.)

And here are a few more photos! Yeah!

Again, I love the way the colors pop on the black. Though the heart theme gets a little old when you look at it up close. From a distance you can't even tell that every block has hearts in it.

This was the only true redwork quilt I remember seeing. I am not too in to the embroidery thing but I thought it was impressive.

You can hardly even see this one in the picture, but it's embroidered baskets. I liked it because there was a basket themed exhibit and, though I like traditional piecing best, it is one block I just don't really care for. So I liked this one because it was baskets, but different.

Woo-ee is that bright! I like how livley it is.

This one was just an awesome use of brights for me. It has a very traditional overall look with the bang of brighter more modern colors. Though maybe this is what our great-grandmother's quilts looked like before they got loved up.

Enjoy the photos!

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