Thursday, June 28, 2007

So Nyah.

Well, it appears that few if any people read my blog, so I don't care if you are bored with Columbus photos. I still think they are great. So there.

You can hardly tell because it is a bit blurry, but the squares above are made up of a log-cabin like structure. The pieces are really tiny and I see why it got a ribbon.
I liked the colors in this one, and that it is a simple design but still complex. You know?
Lovin' the colors!!
I'm not sure how they did this. But I only have one word to say: wow.
This was done with thread painting. I'm pretty sure that I've seen this showcased in Quilter's Newsletter. It's a lovely effect.


  1. The quilts were awesome! Thanks for sharing them with us.

  2. I read your blog! I just have trouble getting the posts to work!

    The quilt with the wavy pattern is very cool, but a little muted in color. Maybe it didn't translate well to the picture.

    My favorite of these pictures is the peacock one. How the heck did they quilt something like that? That's so COOL!

    You need to blog more. We miss you!