Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Oh, the humanity!

So Monday night I eagerly dragged out the sewing machine to begin my machine quilting adventure. Like many of my other crafty adventures, it was not yet to be. I got out my brand new walking foot and after much eyebrow scrunching and eyeball squinting I figured out how to attach it and got the general gist of how it should work.

But oh no.

The screw that holds the foot on the shank is TOO LONG! What?! How can that be? The extra bit at the end of the screw sticks out so far that it interferes with the up and down motion of the, err, arm thingie on the walking foot. Ugh!

So off to Joann's at lunch, to see if they had any presser-foot screws that might be shorter. Nope. They referred me to a sewing machine shop but I only have time at lunch to shop in one place. So I didn't have time, and since today I got sucked into various crafty blogs I didn't get to go today, either!

Oh, and I had The Husband drop off the secret sister gift since we went to The Boy's t-ball game. He thought the person he gave it to had no idea what he was talking about but accepted it anyway. I wonder if she got it? I guess I can't ask, eh?

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  1. I never did hear more about this secret sister thing - is there a secret website to sign up?