Monday, May 07, 2007

Happy May~

Lest you think I dropped off the face of the earth, here is an update. The Boy is playing t-ball this year and we've been attending his games. It is so cute how everyone on the team (and sometimes the other team, too) runs for the ball. I'm glad he is playing but he seems pretty resistant to it, at least until he gets there. I hope he hasn't inherited this trait from The Husband--having to drag and cajole him into things that he later declares fun activities, and sometimes even wonders why he resisted in the first place.

The Girl is also doing fine. Well her current favorite word is "no" (and not said gently, mind you) but otherwise she is going very well.

While I'm waiting for the Round Robin blocks I got out my last hand-piecing class project to finish. I've decided it is a learning piece and it is going to serve the purpose of learning. So even though it is nicely and carefully hand pieced, I am going to try my hand at machine quilting it. I'm even going to try free-motion, which sounds like it will be a big challenge for me. I pinned it up last night so I can start the straight line stitching tonight. I'm so excited!

Oh, and I'm going to miss seeing my secret sister open her gift tomorrow. The Boy has a game and I cannot miss it. Oh, does that mean two gifts for me in June!!!???

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